Monday, February 4, 2008


I like the fact that people have written about what is happening in my old school, even when it has nothing to do with anything I have written. Keep it up, writing is a good outlet and does keep you sane.

I do agree that there are many agendas in the DoE that we find hard to comprehend. I think the corruption that exists is the type of deep cynical corruption that existed in most Soviet countries. This is part of the structure of this type of government. It is caused by the same structural elements in the DoE and it has been exacerbated by the current administration and the UFT. It comes from very centralized power and very little accountability.

Keep up you writing.

Is the story of the bull whips really true?


Anonymous said...

Imagine, if you will, an AP Security, who buys whips for his deans as a gag Christmas present. Because said AP is so full of himself and completely insensitive to others, he is shocked to learn that the whip gift was not received so well by one of his deans who is African-American. This dean sees the whip as a symbol of slavery and is outraged that he has been given this as a "gift". Dean writes a letter to the powers that be at the DOE and now AP is in a little bit of trouble. Again, something that has gone on under the current principal. Was the dean too sensitive? Maybe. Was the AP dopey? YES! This is a man with a doctorate! How could he think that it would be okay? You can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...

Geez Ed, this sounds a lot more serious than anything you ever did (or didn't do but were accused of). This dean is certainly not too sensitive, remember this is only a short time after the nooses that have been in the news lately. Even if you ignore, though I'm not sure it's possible, the connotation of slavery, what is the implication towards our students?

Anonymous said...

What might be the most outrageous about this is that it has been kept under wraps so long.

Anonymous said...

There is no moral center in this principal. When she wants something she tries to get it any way that she can. Instead of bringing AP's and some other staff members with her when she went to plead her case with Klein, she went alone so she could keep her job and the hell with the rest of us. Now she wants help to get this new school off the ground. She is not going to take very many people with her, but she will use the poor teachers who need their jobs, to do all the HARD work that is involved with this kind of setup. JUST SAY NO!